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Welcome to the website of the Cheap Road Assistance in Wroclaw.

Our emergency phone 726-102-102

For those who need a fast, inexpensive and professional towing we are available all year 24-hour a day. We are located in Wroclaw, but we operate in the whole province. On your special request we can transport any car throughout Poland or Europe. We have experience in international transport and we helped people in many European countries like: Germany, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, Great Britain and Ireland. We transport cars and vans, forklifts and construction equipment weighing up to 6 tons and all vehicles are fully insured. Our car assistance are deployed in different parts of the city, mainly: Krzyki, Bielany Wrocławskie, Psie Pole, Śródmieście and Fabryczna, so that we can quickly show up on the spot of an accident or collision in any part of the city.

Call 726-102-102 and don't worry about anything, please leave us your problem.

We will take care of everything.

If you need quick help, even at night - you can count on us.

If possible we will repair the car at the spot and if not we'll tow the car to the workshop and if that won't help you'll have a replacement car or accommodation.

We do: changing tires, pulling from a ditch, fuel delivery, minor repairs on the accident site, engine ignition and more.

We guarantee an efficient, reliable service, performed with professionally prepared equipment.

We work with authorized and unauthorized car services, where is the possibility of a non-cash and cash repair, or option to rent a replacement car free of charge.

A satisfied customer is our best advertisement, because we care about him. With our company you will receive a fast, reliable service at competitive prices. Prices of our towing services starts from 100zl so you can confidently recommend us to Your friends.

For better comfort of our clients we constantly improve our equipment and make changes that make us better prepared for the market and customer requirements. Each of our road assistance has GPS and air-conditioning.

We also have a trailer-type tow and an assistance van for up to seven people and cooperate with insurance companies.

Discounts for regular clients.